Theresa May’s Eulogy For Donald Trump Embarrasses British Lawmakers

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UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to meet President Donald Trump in his oval office to pitch for a free trade deal between the two countries. However, in the run up to the visit, May has showcased her unconditional support to the 45th US President irrespective of his stand on various issues. These include immigration, ban on Syrian refugees, torture, etc. This, many British officials believe is rather embarrassing.

British Politician Ed Miliband is amongst those, who is slamming May for groveling to Trump for a trade deal. Miliband recently posted his thoughts on the topic on Twitter. “Today he starts on wall, praises waterboarding, bullies climate scientists,” he said. “She says they can lead together. Surely decent Tories feel queasy?” he added.

Another British politician and former Twickenham MP Vince Cable added “Appalling error by May to grovel to #Trump for trade deal. He wants to destroy #freetrade.” Fellow Conservative and MP for Totnes too criticized May in her tweet. “You cannot lead on a global stage by advocating torture, disgusting racial stereotyping & turning back the clock on women’s rights worldwide,” she said.

Rediscovering US-UK ties

May is currently in the US and addressed the annual Republican gathering. She is the first foreign leader to address the gathering. However, she received a lot of flak after her office released excerpts of her speech, states an article in the Washington Post. An article in CNN states that parts of her speech echo a sentiment that both the countries are changing. The changes are helping the two “rediscover their confidence” and “lead (the world) together again.” She will be reminding US officials that US and UK together “made the modern world.” Hence, the two should renew their “special friendship” for the new age.

However, she did not go to the US empty handed. Prime Minister May has a bunch of gifts for the US President and his family. Her gift hamper comprises of cranberry-and-white-chocolate shortbread, damson jam, Bakewell tarts, marmalade and apple juice for First lady, Melania Trump. She also carried a Scottish cup of friendship called quaich to Donald Trump. While MPs attacked the Prime Minister back home for groveling for a trade deal, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson defended May and said he is very hopeful for a relationship she will carve with the US.

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