Theresa May Faces Conservation Opposition Over Brexit Negotiations

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May is facing demands for a written Brexit document from conservative legislators. MPs want a white paper from the Prime Minister which outlines her goals. The call for a Brexit document grew stronger after a recent Supreme court ruling. The court ruled that May needs to seek an approval from the Parliament for her EU plans and for triggering Article 50.

The Supreme court ruling has resulted in May’s own lawmakers threatening to complicate things. News is out that at least 6 Conservative legislators, along with the opposition, want May to publish a white paper that explains her Brexit plan. An article in reveals that shortly after the verdict, David Davis, who is the Brexit Secretary, announced that the government may introduce a “straightforward” legislation in the coming days that will give the government the legal power to invoke Article 50.

His announcement triggered six Tory MPs to demand a white paper from Prime Minister May. Nicky Morgan, Former Cabinet Minister reminded everyone that May had promised a document by December and her Brexit speech was not enough. An article in Bloomberg states that MPs are demanding a formal document that outlined her negotiating goals. They are doing so to hold the Prime Minister accountable for all that she promised. According to Sir Keir Starmer, UK’s Shadow Brexit Secretary, a document is better than relying on speech. “You can’t have a speech as the only basis for accountability for two years or more,” he said.

Brexit document for smoothly passing legislation

An article in Independent adds that publishing a document, would be a good idea. This is because, it would bridge the differences between May and her detractors. Secondly, it would also give her relatively lesser headache while passing her bill to invoke article 50. Experts believe that MPs will most likely vote to trigger Article 50. However, a document in return would give MPs something to debate on and to hold on to as she negotiated with Brussels in future.

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