The Washington Post Reveals another Hacking Attempt against It

The Washington Post Reveals another Hacking Attempt against ItThe Washington Post has revealed another hacking attempt that aimed to compromise its Website. However, the newspaper publisher said the latest attempt failed to take customer credit card information. The extent of this latest breach is not yet that clear. But the company assured that as of now, there is no indication that any information was stolen.

The hackers were also not able to get access to Washington Post’s online publishing and even emailing system. The company initially suspected that Chinese hackers could be behind this latest attack. That is because according to initial investigations, the attack started in a server identified with foreign staffers. A separate hacking attempt earlier this year was found to be launched by Chinese hackers.

Third hacking in three years

The Washington Post was also quick to post a story about this incident. It published a story behind the attempt in the online edition of the newspaper yesterday. According to that article, hackers targeted the newspaper’s servers and tried to access employee logins as well as passwords. Thus, it advised all its staff to modify their passwords at once.

This hacking attempt is so far the third activity from hackers in three years. The first one happened in 2011 when hackers were able to break into the company’s Jobs site to steal up to 1.27 million email addresses and user IDs.

Syrian hackers

Last summer, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) tried to hack The Washington Post’s site. The group was able to redirect the site’s visitors into their own online site. The hackers used phishing scam to get into the Post’s system. During that time, the company also reiterated that the hacking attempt failed from the start.

However, The Washington Post revealed that the attack affected one staff writer’s own personal Twitter account. That account was used by the hackers to post SEA message over the microblogging site. Also that day, the newspaper apologized because some of the news articles posted on its site redirected their readers towards the Website of SEA. The SEA also tried to hack the Times last August. But that was an epic failure on its part. However, it succeeded in knocking offline the online site.

Meanwhile, another company also reported a hacking attempt simultaneously with the Washington Post’s new experience. It was retailer Target, which disclosed that the new security breach was able to put to risk debit and credit card data of up to 40 million of its customers.

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