The iPhone 6s Is Literally Too Hot For Users To Handle

The iPhone 6s Home Buttons get burning hot, complain users.

In less than two weeks since its release, the iPhone 6s is the hottest gadget this fall, literally. Several troubled users have started reporting instances wherein the home button of the device becomes red hot with no specific reason.

The iPhone 6s Home Buttons get burning hot, complain users.

The iPhone 6s Home Buttons get burning hot, complain users.

iPhone 6s owners have been complaining that the device would switch off on its own without any warning. Then when turned on, the iPhone 6s does not respond, with the Home button dissipating too much heat, making it unusable and unsafe.

Resetting the iPhone 6s by holding the power button and the home button together for ten seconds worked for some. However, the solution is not exactly optimal and is temporary.

Apple, though a regular aggressive updater of security patches, only rarely addresses rumors and complaints about its gadgets. The complaints flowing on the social media have evoked no response from the company yet.

While many other smartphone makers have chosen to ditch home buttons for on-screen touch versions, Apple retained the physical button as an iconic characteristic. The iPhone 6s touted an additional responsive Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated into the home button.

The recurring heating seems to be a hardware issue linked to this new setup and it is unclear whether or not there will be a proper solution for the dilemma.

The iPhone 6s, apart from heating up, also has several other technical  glitches. Some users have reported that the device shuts down abruptly, despite being fully charged or with ample battery life left.

Some have complained about the audio distortion in the iPhone 6s speakers. The pioneering 3D touch of the iPhone 6s also has issues in openinglinks in the safari browser, users report. The prompt software updates from Apple may eradicate these problems, but the hot button is still to be looked into.

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