The Guessing Game Starts; Motorola Files Patent for ‘Moto G’ Trademark

Motorola Files Patent for Moto G TrademarkMotorola has filed patent for the ‘Moto G’ trademark. The handset maker submitted the patent form before the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent office noted that the trademark would refer to ‘mobile phones, smartphones, and accessories’ like adapters, battery chargers, and removable covers.

But many people could not help but think why the company chose ‘Moto G.’ Motorola did not elaborate on its action. That is why many speculations about it have surfaced. In fact, some analysts think that the trademark action has started a guessing game.

‘G’ for ‘Google’

Some people think ‘Moto G’ is in reference to the new owner of the company, Google Inc. Thus, ‘G’ may stand for ‘Google.’ If future Motorola devices would bear the name ‘Moto G.’ users would be reminded about the fact that the company has a new owner.

Motorola was recently acquired by Google. That was why the latter was very much involved in the previous launch of the ‘Moto X,’ dubbed as the comeback device of Motorola. Google also backed the trademark filing, which was submitted to the patent office on October 15.

A new smartphone model

There are speculations that the term ‘Moto G’ is the name of a future product from Motorola. To this, many industry observers and analysts disagree because they don’t know of any new product being developed that could possibly take the name.

After Moto X and Moto DVX, there is no new device in the pipeline from the company yet. Moto X is the new flagship smartphone of the company while Moto DVX would be its cheaper version particularly in the international market.

Anything or nothing

There are additional speculations that ‘Moto G’ could refer to a more ‘pure’ phone from Google that may come in other form. It could even be a new line of handset from Motorola. The letter ‘G’ may mean something else, which remain a mystery as of today.

Thus, many other observers think that at this point, ‘G’ in ‘Moto G’ could literally mean just about anything. At the same time, it could mean nothing. They pointed out that it is not an odd practice for companies to file for trademark covering generic terms. Those trademarks could just cover bases and remain on the filing for many years. It may also be a measure to prevent other parties or companies from using such a term in their brands or products.

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