Tesla Model S Receives Highest Crash Test Ratings in the US

Tesla Model S Receives Highest Crash Test Ratings in the USIn July, Tesla Motors Inc CEO Elon Musk declared in jest that the company’s flagship Model S sedan would likely get six-star or seven-star crash test ratings if only regulators’ tests had those designations. Just recently, it got 5.4 stars as its Vehicle Safety Score, the highest recorded for any car ever.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has rendered a full 5-star safety rating to Tesla Model S electric sedan. The battery-powered car got the highest score in all subcategories that were tested. That is a major feat that no other car before it has achieved.

Thus, the car definitely has the lowest possibility of incurring injury to its driver and passengers. Moreover, it even exceeded the performance of most sports utility vehicles as well as minivans in the market today. That is why the company asserts that the $70,000 tag price for each unit is just reasonable for the Tesla Model S.

Aggressive targets for the year

This impressive assessment followed a review in May of the car by Consumer Reports magazine, which asserted that the Tesla Model S was among the best vehicles it has ever tested. The review and the NHTSA assessment came as affirmation to Tesla’s superiority claims for its flagship electric sedan.

Tesla, which was named after the line of car’s inventor Nikola Tesla, intends to assemble and deliver up to 21,000 units of the Model S this year alone. The lithium-ion battery cars would soon be available to discerning customers across North America, Asia, and Europe.

Safety on collisions and resistance to fire

The Tesla Model S sedan has generated record scores when tested for safety especially in possible collisions from its front, rear, and side. It even scored high on possible rollovers. The car does not feature a huge engine block. Instead, it has a bigger crumple zone that provides more protection to its occupants in case there is a crash.

It is also interesting to note that the Tesla Model S sedan even generated impressive assessment on fire safety. The NHTSA has found that fire risks are very low from the vehicle’s battery packs. It was noted that the lithium-ion battery powered car did not catch fire before, during, or after the crash tests. Tesla even added that no model from its line has caught fire, even those that were subjected to high-speed car crashes.

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