Tesla CEO Elon Musk Confirms Talks with Apple

Few weeks ago, rumors had surfaced that Apple CEO Tim Cook had talks with Tesla’s Elon Musk. With this news, the whole industry started making speculations, and some even said that Apple could buy Tesla in the coming years.

CEO Elon Musk finally revealed last evening that he did have talks with Tim, but Apple buying Tesla was a very unlikely event of the meet. Unfortunately, other than confirming this and saying that it would be a great idea for Apple to make cars, he didn’t say anything about the reason for meeting Cook.

With the pressure mounting on Apple to use its large cash pile effectively, an acquisition of a company like Tesla would sounds like a great idea. In fact, Apple did buy Tesla’s worth of its own shares recently and still has enough money to buy a promising company like it.

But moving from a smartphone producing company to a sector like automobile industry can be a big gamble. As a result, many experts are saying that the meet was not to discuss about a possible acquisition. Instead, it is possible that these two companies would collaborate.

Collaboration between these companies can be in many forms. For example, Tesla’s to be announced Tesla Model X car could come with iOS powered dashboard. This would be in line with earlier rumors that the next iOS version would be tweaked for using it inside cars too. Another possible collaboration would be for the development of Lithium powered batteries, after all Tesla is known for its highly efficient batteries. Apple devices could use such efficient batteries which would put the device way ahead of its competitors. However, these are just speculations and the exact details of the meet would only be known after an official announcement.

Unfortunately, even if the companies decide to collaborate, it would take some time before one comes across Apple-Tesla products. Elon recently announced that Tesla Model X was delayed to 2015 and hence, if Tesla was planning to use iOS on the Model X, one would have to wait over a year for that.

The delay would definitely be a disappointment to many Tesla fans as last year it was said that the company would reveal it in 2014. However, CEO Elon Musk states that his need for perfection was one of the many reasons for the delay and that he was not satisfied with the current prototype of the car.

More details on Tesla and Apple coming soon.

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