TerraLUX Debuts Field Customizable LED Track Head

TerraLUX Inc., an industry leader that designs, patents, and manufactures LED-based lighting solutions for general illumination applications, announced today the release of the lighting industry’s first field customizable LED track head. The TerraLUX MR16C LED track lighting solution brings both field-adjustable light levels and beam angles into a single fixture.

Each TerraLUX MR16C Track Head comes packed with features that enable true customized lighting solutions. Multiple quick-change lenses are provided with each track head to enable spotlight to floodlight beam angles. A small button on the front of the track head provides multiple levels of light output, mimicking the typical light levels found in standard MR16 halogen lamps. And, patented Dynamic Transformer RecognitionTM enables compatibility with a wide variety of dimming systems and allows smooth and flicker-free dimming.

“Lighting designers to contractors, showrooms to consumers – all will appreciate the specification-grade quality of the MR16C Track Head at a reasonable price,” said Erik Milz, Vice President of Marketing for TerraLUX. “We’re thrilled to bring this kind of performance into the market.”

In addition to being a plug-and-play LED upgrade for J, H and L track systems, the MR16C LED Track Head features TerraLUX’s LEDSense® thermal protection, providing 60,000 hours of rated life to L70, and an industry-leading 5-year warranty, even in 24-hour runtime environments.

The MR16C Track Head design is based on the award-winning TerraLUX MR16C LED Engine, the recipient of the 2013 Arch SSL Magazine Product Innovation Award for LED Drivers.

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