TD Bank Mortgage Rates Move Higher on Friday, Oct 17

TD Bank Mortgage Rates Move Higher on Friday, Oct 17Mortgage interest rates have moved up for many popular loan products at Toronto Dominion Bank on Friday. The standard 30-year fixed rate mortgage is quoted at 3.750% today with an APR of 3.813%, while the 30-year FHA loan is advertised at a lower 3.500% with an APR of 4.588%. TD Bank advertises the 15-year fixed loan at 3.000% with an APR of 3.110%.

Buyers can lock into adjustable rate mortgages today with competitive rates. A 1/1 ARM offers the lowest mortgage rate of the day at 2.000% for the first twelve years with an APR of 2.752% to start. The more popular 5/1 ARM is quoted at 3.000% for the first five years with an APR of 2.895% to start. Buyers can lock into a 7/1 adjustable rate mortgage today with a rate as low as 3.125% locked for seven years with an APR of 2.981% to start. For greater predictability in exchange for a higher rate, buyers can turn to a 10/1 ARM at TD Bank with a rate of 3.250% locked for ten years with a 3.113% APR. The 15/1 ARM comes with a rate of 3.500% today for fifteen years and a corresponding APR of 3.4075 to start.

Refinance Rates at TD Bank

Homeowners who want to refinance into a lower rate will find competitive interest rates at TD Bank on Friday. The standard 30-year refi loan is quoted at 3.687% — lower than the purchase rate — with a 3.749% APR. A 30-year FHA refinance is quoted at 3.500% today with an APR of 4.588%. The popular 15-year refinance loan is quoted at 2.937% today with a 3.0475 APR.

Homeowners can enjoy greater flexibility and the lowest rates with an adjustable rate refinance. A 5/1 refi ARM is quoted at 2.937% for the first five years with a corresponding APR of 2.873% to start. The 7/1 refinance ARM is advertised at 3.063% with a 2.952% APR to start.

Disclaimer: The advertised rates were submitted by each individual lender/broker on the date indicated. Rate/APR terms offered by advertisers may differ from those listed above based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and other differences between an individual loan and the loan criteria used for the quotes.

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