Tammy Sendricks Explains How The Digital World Is Helping Companies with Their Deliveries


The digital world has transformed the way in which every industry does business. Nowhere has this become more apparent than in the way deliveries are made.

Tammy Sendricks from runs a stamp marketplace that provides thousands of stamps to businesses all over the country. She focuses on providing a quality service without charging high prices. It’s made her a big name in the industry.

Now she’s shedding some light on how the digital world is helping companies with their deliveries.

Why Digital Purchasing of Stamps is so Much Better

Did you know that 51% of all global retailers now provide one-day delivery services? This is because of the on-demand economy and it’s not just something for individual customers. Businesses expect it too.

Buying your stamps online guarantees a fast delivery whenever you need it. Without a brick-and-mortar store, your delivery can be processed electronically immediately.

The seller automatically receives the information and all they have to do is prepare the shipment.

Centralized Dashboards are Changing Everything

Tammy says that there’s another aspect to online delivery solutions that’s making the process more efficient for businesses everywhere.

The majority of companies, including her own, take advantage of management software. This aggregates everything you need to know as part of one centralized dashboard.

Operators can get a complete overview of the entire supply chain and make any necessary changes to confront problems within seconds.

How Your Company Can Get More Efficient

Remember that same-day delivery we talked about?

That’s another reason why ordering your stamps online can make you more efficient. Imagine a huge number of sales coming in and you not having the stamps to send the orders away.

Previously, it might take a few days to get the stamps you need to keep shipping. But now digital companies like yours can get the stamps they need on the same day.

Tammy says this has allowed businesses to plan their stamp needs more carefully, so they’re spending their money better and not unnecessarily buying a batch of stamps they might never use.

Why Getting Stamps Quickly Alters the Delivery Process

Businesses don’t have to worry about planning too far in advance in future because they can get their stamps quickly. Tammy states that this simply makes businesses more agile and better able to confront the issues they may face in future.

Good businesses are always agile and are able to pivot according to sudden changes. Having a reputable stamp vendor on hand ensures that they’re ready for any big spike in sales.

Last Word – Deliveries are Changing for the Better

The innovations of the digital world have completely changed the way businesses confront their shipping needs, according to Tammy.

The industry for stamp vendors has completely changed, as have the buying habits of companies. If you haven’t yet started buying your stamps online, it’s time to take a look at trying it in future.

What do you think are the most important ways in which the digital world has changed the way deliveries work for businesses?

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