T-Mobile Offers to Shoulder Early Termination Fees from Other Networks

T-Mobile Offers to Shoulder Early Termination FeesT-Mobile is striking back, this time as it’s most aggressive as it could possibly be. A few days after the No. 2 mobile operator, AT&T, launched its own ‘Switcher Promo,’ it is time for the No. 4 mobile network in the US to unveil its counter-offer to subscribers from other networks who are contemplating to finally switch to T-Mobile.

Perhaps, the mobile carrier considered what it could possibly take to convince customers to switch to its network. The company recently held another ‘bombastic’ press conference to make the big announcement. It was in that event where it launched ‘Contract Freedom’ scheme.

The program would pay each switching customer up to $350 to shoulder his early termination fee from another network. An individual could possibly switch up to five lines from other networks to T-Mobile. He must also agree to trade in his old handset to obtain a separate credit of up to $300. As John Legere, T-Mobile USA CEO, puts it, “Anybody who wants to switch now can.”

Beating AT&T’s offer

As mentioned, this ETF paying strategy came after AT&T launched its most aggressive retaliation program yet. The rival mobile carrier obviously aims to win back many of the customers it lost to T-Mobile’s aggrieve switching programs. AT&T is now offering a $200 bill credit on top of another $250 for trading in of old mobile phones. Logically, T-Mobile’s latest offer is bigger and much more tempting.

T-Mobile has been busy poaching customers of other mobile service providers to join its growing wireless network. Its recent ‘UnCarrier’ promo was a huge success that in 2013, it generated up to 4.4 million new subscribers—869,000 new postpaid customers and 112,000 new prepaid customers in the fourth quarter alone.

Trash talk

Legere expressed his happiness over these figures. He declared that it was a great turnaround for a year. He even asserted that the past programs had helped make the company the fastest growing mobile network company in the country. He predicted that T-Mobile could possibly take over the entire industry if this rate carries on. Or, he thinks that all other players in the industry would soon do drastic changes.

The feisty CEO also took the opportunity to lambast other networks. He was quoted as saying that Verizon lost sight when it became successful. Legere described Sprint’s mobile network as really horrible. And of course, he made fun of and criticized AT&T.

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