Syrian Electronic Army Hacks CNN’s Social Media Accounts and Blog

It seems that the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) would never stop looking for new victims. The notorious hacktivist group has now included CNN into its watch list after taking over the  broadcast news organization’s social media accounts as well as blog site.

The group of hackers successfully hacked into CNN’s Twitter and Facebook accounts on Thursday (January 23). Thus, if you are among the followers of the news company on Twitter, you might have been shocked by some tweets it posted that day.

The first tweet talked about ‘Obama Bin Laden’ and how he supposedly fabricates lies about the Syrian government possibly taking control of Al Qaeda. The succeeding tweets directly stated the presence of SEA.

Social media hacks

CNN’s main Facebook account was also compromised, together with the CNN Politics Facebook account. It was in one of these accounts that the hackers claimed responsibility for compromising CNN’s Twitter account. SEA justified its act by asserting that the action was just in retaliation over CNN’s alleged biased reporting especially when it comes to Syria.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Security Clearance blog was not spared from SEA’s attacks. After seizing the blog site, the hackers posted a misleading headline that talks about how the US supposedly declares state of national emergency. The posts also said that the State department has already gone out of reach.

As expected, CNN was quick to respond to the attacks. It declared that the unauthorized and incredible tweets and posts were instantly deleted just within several minutes after those were posted. The news organization has also assured that all its social media as well as blog accounts are now fully secured. However, many analysts think CNN’s claim would be proven if SEA fails to compromise the company’s accounts in the future.

Attacking media groups

The attack of CNN came a few days after SEA successfully hacked into the systems of Microsoft Corp. The hacktivists, again, made unauthorized tweets and posts using the company’s social media accounts. The group even seized control of the Microsoft Office blog. Interestingly, the accounts were immediately cleared and secured.

This is not SEA’s first time to hack into a media group. The hackers have already launched campaigns to compromise the sites of the targets, which include the Associated Press, the New York Times, and the BBC. Aside from news organizations, SEA is also starting to focus on other types of possible clients, including the Saudi Arabian government agencies.

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