Super Secured Blackphone hits the market in 3 weeks time

Super Secured Blackphone hits the market in 3 weeks timeAlthough the tech industry has evolved to a great extent in the past few years, there are very limited options for consumers when it comes to securing their smartphones. Blackphone was one of the few options for such concerned consumers and now the device is going to hit the markets in three weeks’ time.

The device was showcased back in February at the MWC event held in Barcelona. At that time, Blackphone received quite a lot of positive response. In fact, the company has already registered a number of pre-orders for the device and these people will get their phones in a few weeks’ time. The device is a result of a partnership between encrypted communications and security provider, Silent Circle and manufacturer Geeksphone. They announced the phone at MWC and marketed the device as a solution to prevent data collection and snooping by government agencies and hackers.

The device comes with a 4.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. On the back, there’s an 8MP shooter while on the front there’s a 5MP camera. CPU is probably the best part of the hardware as the phone comes with NVIDIA Tegra 4i Quad Core Processor with each core clocked at 2.0 GHz. As for the internal memory, there’s 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The phone will also support LTE, so users won’t have to sacrifice on speed while browsing securely.

While the specifications are quite decent, the actual highlight of the device is the various Silent Circle apps which secure the data on the phone. There are several secured apps for various functions like the Silent Contact app for securing the contacts from third part apps and hackers, the Silent Phone for secured Voip calls and the Silent Text for sending and receiving secured text messages.

The basic idea of the device is to give access to the data to no one except the owner of the device. However, the user can still allow some apps to collect information from the device, that is, if he or she wishes to do so.

Given that it runs on a modified Android version, there’s also a security center which helps the user to manage permissions for apps. The user can check out the permissions for an app and can grant access or even revoke it individually. Moreover, the phone can even lie about some permission like it can give dummy locations or can present a blank address book for securing the data on the device.

At $629, the device looks like a good deal for agencies and consumers who want to safeguard their data.

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