Super Secured Blackphone aims to protect the user’s private data

Over the past few years, there have been lots of reports which suggest that government agencies like NSA are snooping around a user’s smartphone to collect private information. Even apps are known to collect user information to deliver target based advertisements.

Although, over the course of time, users have become aware of this situation, there’s practically nothing that he or she could do, at least till now to protect his or her private data. However, this situation can now be solved, thanks to the latest release from Geeksphone and Silent Circle.

Silent Circle is basically a company which focuses on data security. It has taken things a little bit further by announcing its first smartphone, the Blackphone. The smartphone will have all the latest features that other rival devices boast of but at the same time, it will be one of the most secure devices that a user can buy.

Through various security applications and modifications in the Android operating system, Blackphone aims to give “privacy and control directly in the hands of its users.” As mentioned above, the device would run on Android OS, but will have a lot of modifications to make it secure. Android has always been the target of attacks and hence, the company had to make changes both externally and internally to protect its data.

The device will run on a 2GHz Quad Core processor and will have 4.7 inch HD screen. On the back, it will have an 8MP shooter and will even support LTE networks. In short, it will feature all the goodies of a traditional high end smartphone. But along with these hardware features, the phone will come with plenty of secure apps. For example, the phone’s contacts will be managed by an app called Silent Contact which secures every contact in a user’s phone and protects it from other apps. There are other security apps too like Silent Phone, which allows secured peer to peer Voip connection and Silent Text, which sends and receives secured text messages.

The phone will also feature a unique Security Center which allows a user to manage permissions of an app. The user can grant or revoke permissions individually unlike the traditional process where he didn’t have this option. So, if the user is not sure about permission, he can just revoke it. There’s also a Wi-Fi manager which protects the user from Wi-Fi based tracking.

To sum up, these additional security features make Blackphone one of the most secured devices currently in the market. The phone is currently up for preorder for $629 and will ship worldwide by June 2014.

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