Super Mario Run Android Release Date & Pre-Registration Details

Super Mario Run Android version is coming in 2017. (Photo credit: Twitter/@SuperMarioRunJP)

After the successful release of Pokemon Go, Nintendo is about to launch another popular mobile game. The arrival of the Super Mario Run Android version may arrive any day from now.

When is the expected debut date and how to pre-register?

Super Mario Run Android: Release date & game details

Nintendo has released Super Mario Run for iOS earlier this month. It got an impressive five million downloads in just one day. While it is free, players must buy all levels for $9.99. Because of that, Apple’s online store has underrated the game for 2.5 out of five possible stars. 

Per Venture Beat, Nintendo opted to unveil the game on Apple due to piracy security concerns. But, Android is still a huge market to let go that easily. So, users of Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, or LG G5 should keep an eye for Super Mario Run’s onset.

The game is set to be out in 2017 but the specific date is still unclear at the moment. So far, Super Mario Run iOS has already generated about $5 million in revenue.

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Super Mario Run Android: How to register?

Are you excited to play the iconic Mario character on your phones? Before anything else, here is how you can pre-register:

  1. Go to the Play store
  2. Look for Super Mario Run in the search bar
  3. Click the game
  4. Tap the green button on the right side that says pre-register.

With these four simple steps, you can now receive notifications about the game’s availability.

Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run both use Nintendo intellectual properties. Per Variety, fans could not help but to compare the two mobile games. Well, the former has seen a significant decline since its release date last July. Nonetheless, Pokemon Go is still one of the top-grossing applications on the online market. In fact, it is even generating more money than the Super Mario Run in-app purchases.

Share your most memorable experience in playing the iconic Nintendo Super Mario game. Will you download the Android version?

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