Study Shows Busiest Back to School Shopping Days

Study Shows Busiest Back to School Shopping DaysA lot of people have to go back to school shopping, and whether the shopping is for a college student or a child in elementary school, the goal is to get the items needed at the lowest possible price and as quickly and conveniently as possible. A recent study has determined the worst days to go back to school shopping across the country.

Foursquare, which is known as a location based social network, did their research by looking at which days more people “checked in” at various stores during the traditional back to school shopping season, which runs from August through early September.

During 2012, the most popular shopping days were Aug. 4, Aug. 11, Aug. 18, Aug. 25, and Sept. 2. Out of those days, the absolute worst day to do back to school shopping because of large crowds is Aug. 18 — well at least in 2012.

It was pointed out that when looking over the research, all those dates were Saturdays in 2012, and if you took those specific dates to heart this year, they would fall on Sundays, which most likely would not draw the larger crowds. Therefore, analysts predict that the data says the worst days to shop for back to school items would be Saturdays during the month of August. So if last year’s data is put onto a calendar from this year, the busiest back to school shopping dates would be Saturday, Aug. 17, followed by Saturday, Aug. 10.

The National Retail Federation predicts that total back to school and back to college spending will total around $72 billion this year, which is much lower than the $500 billion spent on holiday shopping, but still significant enough to bring in large crowds to the stores. So Aug. 17 will be a busy day at the stores for people shopping for school supplies, electronics, clothing, and dorm furnishings, it will not even compare to Black Friday.

For those who want to avoid large crowds, though, back to school shopping should be done on a weekday or a Sunday. Studies also indicate now is the time to buy clothes, furniture and computers as prices have been dropped in order to be more competitive and draw in the back to school shoppers. Some states are also offering tax free days in which school supplies can be purchased without having to pay sales tax.

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