Study: Where You Can Hide in the U.S. If Zombies Attack


Researchers at Cornell University have used a computer simulation to determine the safest places in the United States if there is a real zombie outbreak.

They found that if Zombies strike, the mountains in Montana and the Nevada desert will be the safest places. The study reveals that Northeastern Pennsylvania will be the worst place, CNBC reports.

Alex Alemi, a science graduate who led the research, says that “it’s supposed to be a fun topic. Zombies are interesting and we thought we’d use some of the techniques used to model ordinary diseases.”

“Zombism is really distinct from normal diseases,” Alemi told NBC News. “In a normal disease, people usually recover on their own. The zombies don’t get better. They don’t die from the disease and they don’t recover on their own. They have to be killed by humans.”

“Even four months in, remote areas of Montana and Nevada remain zombie-free.” However, California and Pennsylvania are among the most vulnerable areas, according to the study.

“In California, it is the region near Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley that is at the greatest risk as this area will be overrun by zombies, whether they originate in the San Francisco area or the Los Angeles/San Diego area,” according to the study.

“The area with the greatest one-month zombie risk is north eastern Pennsylvania, itself being susceptible to outbreaks originating in any of the large metropolitan areas on the east coast.”

The simulation, however, doesn’t include air travel.

Alemi and his team plans to present their findings to the American Physical Society in San Antonio.

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