Steve Jobs said ‘No’ to Apple’s TV plans

For some years, people have been speculating about a new TV from Apple. But it looks like these speculations may never see the light of the day, as a former Apple beat reporter just revealed in his book that Steve Jobs was against the idea of a TV from the company.

Yukari Iwatani Kane is the author of a new book on Apple’s post Job period called Haunted Empire: Apple after Steve Jobs. In his book, he revealed that Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs was of the opinion that Apple should not release a TV. According to the author, during Apple’s secret ‘Top 100’ meeting of executives, Steve Jobs answered a question raised by one of the executives on a future TV from Apple, to which he flatly answered no.

This special meeting of the ‘Top 100’ executives was a customary tradition of the company and is held in utmost secrecy. These top executives are taken to an undisclosed location, usually a resort, where new products are revealed and reports are made. Steve Job’s last such meet was in 2010, a time when he was already sick and was struggling to walk. During the last day of the meet, he sat in front of the room and said to his employees to ask anything they had in mind. It was at this time, when one of the employees asked about a possible TV product from the company in the future.

To this question, Jobs replied ‘No’ without any hesitation. According to him, TV business is not as good as it looks. The turnover rate is pretty low and the margins too are not as good as other gadgets. This is actually true, as people don’t change their TVs as much as other devices like smartphones. So, even if the next version comes with revolutionary features, people won’t go out and replace it frequently.

But, this does not mean Jobs was negative about the TV segment as a whole. He still wanted to control the living room and Apple’s TV box was one of the devices which could help him accomplish this task. In fact, it is said that the upcoming Apple TV will come with home control features, which means that the company is still working on Job’s principles.

However, one cannot rule out the possibility of an Apple TV entirely. Many analysts still believe that a TV set from Apple is around the corner and hence, it may not be surprising to see such a product from the company in the coming years.

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