Startup Labs Comes to Colombia to Train Angel Investors

Startup Labs, a global VC fund for tech startups, is excited to announce an upcoming trip to Colombia in partnership with the Colombian government. Startup Labs gathers and empowers local investors to create the funding startups needed in order to take advantage of growth opportunities in emerging economies and also create and attract a strong deal flow. The trip is scheduled for May and the group will be listening to startups’ pitches in Bogota to explore and collectively invest.

During the trip, Startup Labs will also be hosting an angel investor boot camp. The program aims to educate Colombia’s high-net-worth businessmen and women about angel investing in startups through workshops, mentoring and practice. There are many factors involved in choosing the right investment. The participants will be trained on “Who are angel investors? How do they assess risk? How do they value opportunities? How do they structure a deal? What are the legal issues?” and many other aspects.

A critical part of the program is practice. The ticket money for the program – about $350 – will serve as the “prize” money for entrepreneurs, and in the end, participants will choose a winner company to receive their pooled investment.

Startup Labs Director, Tugce Ergul, says “We have been warmly welcomed by the Colombian government and investment community and we’re excited to work closely with local industry experts. The lack of early stage investors involved in the Colombia tech scene is a longstanding gripe in the region, especially given the amount of old wealth. Too little of that wealth is being recycled in the next generation of local entrepreneurs. We want to get more of the region’s wealth invested in local startups, give aspiring investors the knowledge available to help create innovation, more wealth and build a global sustainable future”.

Startup Labs hopes to change the face of investing in Colombia and get the country’s richest to invest in local technology startups. Co-Director Clint Nelsen believes that encouraging funding from angel investors and partnerships with business leaders, Colombia can begin to develop as a technology cluster in Latin America.

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