Star Wars Episode 8 Spoilers: Han Solo Is Alive – Here’s How

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars The Force Awakens. (LucasFilm)

Fans were devastated with the death of Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Luckily for those who are still in denial about his demise, there is still a chance for the fan-favorite smuggler to return in Star Wars Episode 8. 

Harrison Ford’s iconic character was killed in the hands of his dark warrior son, Kylo Ren, at the climax of last year’s Star Wars 7. Many jaws dropped after witnessing  him gored with Ren’s red saber and tossed into a pit on a planet that explodes shortly thereafter. The manner of killing him seemed ineluctable, leaving most viewers hopeless about his survival.

Despite this, some still won’t let go of Han Solo and this may be because of getting no closure for his character, according to Forbes.

Star Wars Episode 8

Kylo stabs Han in Star Wars Force Awakens. (LucasFilm)

Thus, many theories were created to save the fan-favorite smuggler including the “Double Agent” theory.

According to this claim, the Sith Lord joined the Dark Side to infiltrate the First Order and find a way to defeat them on behalf of the Resistance. He has to kill Ford’s character, so as not to blow his cover.

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Is This How He Did It?

If you’re a follower of the franchise, then  you’re aware that the Sith Lord showed the ability to hold blaster bolts in place using the force. With this, it is possible that Kylo bent his saber around the smuggler so it looks like he stabbed Han in Rey, Chewie, Finn and the stormtrooper’s perspectives. He then cast him into the pit which is supposedly a safer alternative.

Basically, Ren pretends to have gone fully on the dark side and proves his loyalty to Snoke through “killing” his father but is really a light side agent at the end. Fans may see Solo’s son resisting Snoke’s training — holding back— in the next film. Of course, this is IF this theory is accurate.

Other notable theories that could save Han Solo includes Darth and Luke’s survival from the almost exact same scenario as well as Ford’s alleged inclusion in the Star Wars Episode 8 cast. Movie Web reports that a recent casting call for new characters revealed his return for Star Wars Episode 8. The site did not elaborate further, but separate reports claim the rumor roots from IMDb pages.

Another theory is that he’ll only have a cameo role. Assuming that the casting call is accurate, Harrison Ford may really appear in the upcoming sequel but only in the form of plaguing memories of Kylo Ren or being remembered by Leia or Luke through flashbacks.

Harrison Ford turned in an absolutely phenomenal performance as Han Solo in all the Star Wars flicks. Thus, many still hope that somehow, some way, his character is still alive. While the aforementioned theories make sense, his fate will only be confirmed once Star Wars Episode 8 premieres on May 26, 2017.

Any thoughts on Han Solo’s possible return? Share your comments below.

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