Spider-Man Homecoming Lays The Groundwork For Miles Morales

Image from Marvel

Spider-Man: Homecoming is highly anticipated by many fans, whether they be comic book loyalists or MCU movie goers. Everyone is excited to see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker team up with Iron Man and take on Michael Keaton’s Vulture. What might add to the excitement is that Miles Morales – the other Spider-Man – has been confirmed for the MCU.

During an interview with Screen Crush, Kevin Feige stated that Miles Morales is somewhere in the MCU. It’s an interesting revelation, since Miles Morales first became Spider-Man after an alternate version of Peter Parker died fighting the Sinister Six. Now that Miles is in the “main” Marvel universe, he has befriended the current Spider-Man and even joined the Avengers for a short time.

It will be interesting to see if a future Miles Morales ends up replacing Peter Parker in the MCU. Admittedly, that’s a pretty wild guess, especially since this is the first Spider-Man film in the MCU, but anything is possible. Tom Holland has even expressed interest in tutoring Miles in a future film during an interview with Screen Rant.

Should Marvel keep both characters, they could make a Spider-Men film based on the first team-up of Peter and Miles. Both characters have made their mark with comic book fans, so seeing them team up in a film would be another level of fan fulfillment. Marvel is actually working on Spider-Men 2 with the original creative team, which is set to unveil who the “original” Miles Morales is.

Miles also gained some popularity when he was seen at the end of the Spider-Man PS4 gameplay video, though it was just a cameo. Fans are hoping he becomes playable in that game too, though it’s too early to tell what will happen. Spider-Man Homecoming is set for a July 5 release, with early reviews stating that it’s another hit for the MCU.

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