Spectral Expands Operations to Mumbai, India

Spectral Capital Corporation, (FCCN.QB) announced today that it has opened an office in Mumbai, India for marketing initiatives of Spectral’s portfolio products and for evaluating potential acquisition opportunities.

The office will provide marketing support for soon-to-be-launched ‘noot’ as well as the products and services offered by Kontexto. Noot is an ideal product for the young Indian population where tablets and smartphones are emerging as the devices of choice and trending to become mainstream consumer behavior. Kontexto’s products and services have limited competition in the Indian market providing for large growth opportunities

‘Mumbai is India’s wealthiest city and has immense opportunities for the marketing of our portfolio companies’ products and services, in addition to being a fertile environment for emerging technology companies with whom we can partner with or acquire’, stated Jenifer Osterwalder, Spectral CEO.

‘Additionally we believe Mumbai is an ideal location for early adaption for our flagship product ‘noot’, which is expected to be launched soon. India has 24 million internet enabled smartphones today and it is expected to grow more than tenfold in the next 4 years to 264 million. Having a marketing plan and strategy for this market in our early stages is important and one in which the company can benefit from,’ continued Osterwalder.

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