South China Sea: US Needs To Woo Rodrigo Duterte

Phil President Rodrigo Duterte seems to have a different plan for South China Sea. Photo Credit: Twitter/CNN International

South China Sea may pose as a challenge to navigate, if the US is not in good relations with the Philippines. And to address this issue, the US may have to woo Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The Philippines, an archipelago of islands, is smack in the middle of South China Sea and in the western edges of the Pacific Ocean. 

The location presents perfect locations for harbors of naval bases. This is a militarily strategic area to extend its military presence, not only in South east Asia but, also in the far East.

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South China Sea: Strained US-Philippine Relations?

With Duterte’s unregulated mouth on every speaking engagement, the issue of the country’s claim to the South China Sea will not draw any conclusions soon. The position could also pose a threat to the country’s alliance with US.

Duterte even says he will break ties with US. But White House press secretary Josh Earnest assures that the US-Philippines alliance remains strong, reports CNN.

It has been 100 days since the Philippine president assumed the office.  His strong opinions on the country’s oldest and supportive ally does not seem to stop.  Speculations then arise if the country, under the leadership of Duterte, is a dependable ally.  Will the US continue to be a partner in promoting the values of democracy and good governance?

If Duterte puts truth to his words, a move toward Moscow and Beijing could bring conflict to the alliance.  And if this happens, this would also bring in more confidence to China as a country.

All these assumptions on the relationship of US and Philippines may be further resolved. That is if the US elects its new president on November. For now, the global audience can only wait and see what the future holds for both countries.

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