Sony Xperia Z2 Wireless Charging accessories up for pre-order

Sony released its latest flagship Xperia Z2 at the MWC event in Barcelona. While it came with plenty of new features, one thing that was missing on the phone was wireless charging. But, it seems Sony had special plans for the device as a major UK retailer is reportedly offering wireless accessories for the Xperia Z2.

Clove, the famous retailer from UK is allowing customers to pre-order wireless charging accessories for the new Xperia device. There are two accessories for the smartphone, one being the wireless charging plate and the other one being the wireless charging cover. Given that Z2 does not come with wireless charging feature built-in, both the devices are essential for charging the device. However, it may be possible to use a different plate if you already have one, provided it supports Qi charging standard. Almost all wireless charging units support this standard and it’s quite likely this charging plate would also support it.

WCR12, the wireless charging cover for the phone will come in black/ white colors and costs £69.99, which translates to around $116 while WCH10, which is the charging plate costs £54.99, which comes to around $92. According to Clove, the charging plate will be available by April this year while the cover will only hit the market by June. This is actually quite surprising, given that even without the official plate, Xperia Z2 users could have charged their phones if they had the cover. But with these covers coming only by June, Xperia fans will have to wait for around 3 months to actually use wireless charging.

While many of the smartphone makers like Nokia fit their phones with inbuilt ‘Qi standard’ compatible wireless charging back covers, other manufacturers prefer to add this feature via an accessory. For example, Samsung has a special Wireless charging cover for the Galaxy S4 which does the exact same thing as the cover for Xperia. External accessories help manufacturers cut down the basic cost of the smartphone, especially when the feature is not used by many.

Z2 is expected to release in US several months after its release in Europe. Given that it’s already available for pre-order in Europe, one can expect it to hit US shores by May-June. Also, the company adds that it would price Z2 around the same figure as last year’s Z1, so it should cost around $600 when it comes to US via T Mobile.

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