Sony Xperia Z2 US Release tipped for Summer

Sony Xperia Z2 US Release tipped for SummerSony fans in US have something to cheer about as the Japanese manufacturer reveals that its flagship device for the year, Sony Xperia Z2 will be coming to US this summer.

Unfortunately, the exact date or month has not been announced but one can expect the smartphone to arrive anytime in the aforesaid season.

Xperia Z2 US Release

Xperia Z2 was announced back at MWC in Barcelona in February and since that time; fans have been waiting for an official announcement from the company regarding its availability in US. Although the company has not given a specific month, Xperia Z2 will be releasing in Canada in May and it’s quite likely that the device releases in US around a month later. So, the smartphone will probably release by the end of June, if not earlier. Although the smartphone is not yet available in this continent, Sony has already released the handset in some Asian countries. The smartphone is already available for order in countries like Taiwan and Singapore since March.

No US Carrier will sell Xperia Z2

Sony is not really a big player in the smartphone market in US and many of the company’s devices have had a hard time getting picked up by carriers. According to the reports, Xperia Z2 won’t be available on a contract and fans will have to buy the device unlocked directly from Sony’s online website. This could potentially hurt the sales of the device in US as other flagships from rival manufacturers are all available at a subsidized price via carrier contracts.

But it is said that Sony is still negotiating with carriers in the country and it may happen that some US carrier finally agrees to sell the device before the retail launch.

While this may sound disappointing, what even sadder is that the Xperia Z1 compact which went on sale in other parts of the world a few months back won’t be arriving in US at all. So, fans won’t be able to order the device even via Sony’s online store and those who really want to get their hands on one will have to import it or purchase it from the grey market.

The news is not that surprising as Sony has always focused on Asian and European markets in the past. US smartphone market is dominated by Apple and Samsung and Sony always had a hard time competing with them in the country. So, looks like the company is focusing on other parts of the world to promote most of its devices.

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