Sony won’t use Android Wear, will stick with its existing smartwatch platform

A few weeks back, Google revealed its Android wear platform for wearables and many of the leading smartphone and tablet manufacturers have already partnered up with the company to launch products that run this operating system. However, Sony was not present on the official list of partners. This confused many initially, but the company has now made things clear by saying that they won’t be working on Android Wear powered products.

According to Ravi Nookala, head of Sony’s US Mobile division, Sony would concentrate on its existing investments in the wearable segment. So, unlike other manufacturers, Sony won’t be working with Android wear. The company plans to stick with its existing platform which is based on Android for its wearable products like smartwatches.

“We’ve already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction,” said Nookala while talking to CNET.

This is actually surprising, given that almost all famous smartphone makers are planning to release an Android Wear product in the coming months. LG and Motorola have already announced their respective smartwatches running the software and Samsung is one of the official partners.

Sony’s decision to give up on Android Wear could be because of the amount of research and dedication that the company has put into its own platform. It was one of the first companies to release a smartwatch and hence, the company has years of research and experience on the product. So, it’s possible Sony believes it could build a better platform than Google’s Android Wear.

However, this doesn’t mean Sony is giving up on Android. Its existing wearable platform is built around Google’s operating system and Nookala assures that the company will work closely with Google to develop its products.

But even with its experience, Sony is taking a big risk not following the trend. Even Samsung was rumored to release a Tizen powered Galaxy Gear 2, but looks like the company is sticking with Android this year. So, if Android Wear turns out to be as good as it sounds, Sony will have a hard time developing something better than that.

Sony’s existing smartwatches (Xperia smartwatch and smartwatch 2) have not really attracted a lot of users in the past. But that was before the wearable revolution. With more and more people looking to buy smart wearable devices this year, demand for these devices have surged drastically.

Sony could take advantage of this growing market by developing a unique product, quite different from its competitors. So, it would be interesting to see what Sony does with its upcoming smartwatch.

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