Sony Pictures Releases ‘The Interview’ Online

Sony Pictures Releases 'The Interview' OnlineAs they say, “Bad publicity is still publicity.” In the case of the motion picture ‘The Interview,’ almost everyone now is curious about the fuzz the movie has been creating in the past couple of weeks.

If Sony Pictures last week announced that the film would not be released commercially, the same movie outfit has decided to take back its word and release the movie after all. There is no word yet about the definite movie house release date but the company has released it first online.

Last Wednesday, December 24, Sony Pictures made ‘The Interview’ available as online rental in the US. The controversial film was made available on Microsoft’s Xbox Video, YouTube Movies, Google Play, and the online site However, access to watch it is not for free.

Anyone who wants to finally see the film to find out what the fuss is all about would have to spend $5.99 to do so. The movie could also be purchased in HD for just $14.99.

National release

To those who are asking if it is also available to iOS devices, as of press time, it may not be possible. Apple Inc. reportedly refused to carry ‘The Interview’ on iTunes. No definite reason was disclosed yet for that decision.

In a media interview, Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton was quoted as saying that it has always been the company’s intention to release the film in a national platform. Thus, he said, they reached out to Microsoft, Google, and several other partners on December 17 to make that happen.

It can be recalled that during the time of the negotiation between Sony and its partners, the film outfit was in hot seat after it announced to axe plans to release the movie in theaters. But when it later decided to go on with the film release, it logically thought it would still be wise to release it online.

National censorship?

Sony is believed to have initially given in to the pressure from online hackers, who threatened to launch an all-out war against Sony Pictures if the latter continues with plans to release the movie.

Some hackers, who are believed to be connected with North Korea, has threatened to attack Sony and the theaters that will exhibit it. Sony has drawn flak from the public after this decision, with no less than US President Barack Obama advising the company not to give in to such threats.

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