Sony Corp Shakes Up its VAIO Lineup with Two New Devices

Sony Corp Shakes Up its VAIO Lineup with Two New DevicesSony Corp aims to ramp up its VAIO lineup of laptops through adding two new models into it. The two new devices are both touch-centric and are considered as hybrids because those could function as a laptop and as a tablet in one. The company launched the VAIO Flip and the VAIO Tap 11 during the recent IFA consumers’ electronic trade show held in Berlin, Germany.

The two new devices automatically come with two exclusive apps to help users take advantage of the so-called Active Pen technology. The VAIO Paper serves as a note-taking app, while the VAIO Clip facilitates better screen capturing functions.

Sony VAIO Flip

This new device was designed and manufactured as a laptop and as a tablet in one PC device. There would be three models, ranging in sizes from 13 inches, 14 inches, and 15 inches. All of these laptops would combine the benefits of slim and portable ultrabook and intuitive tablet.

The company is proud to announce that Sony VAIO Flip features its new and distinctive design called ‘One Line.’ It has brushed aluminum lid splitting it horizontally down to the middle for a flippable display hinge. The display latches magnetically to be in place, facilitating the transition into any of the three modes: tablet, laptop, and view.

The new laptops make the full HD displays and 1,920 X 1,080-pixel-resolution as its new standard. Those displays also feature the company’s Triluminos display technology, which provides wider color gamut as well as improved color saturation compared to traditional LCD screens.

VAIO Tap 11 Tablet PC

This new VAIO tablet PC facilitates expansion of the VAIO line with very slim tablet as well as keyboard. Sony is proud to claim that this tablet is currently the thinnest available in the market. It has a thickness of just 0.39 inches. It even comes with an extremely thin wireless keyboard, which also functions as its screen cover.

VAIO Tap 11 tablet PC is paired wirelessly with a keyboard. The table could be propped up using a built-in kickstand so the user could start using it like a conventional laptop. Moreover, the new VAIO tablet has a battery that could possibly last for up to 6 hours of continuous usage on just a single charge. Its IR blaster makes it function as a universal remote control as well.

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