Sony Corp Sells More than 1 Million PlayStation 4 Units on Release Day

Sony Corp Sells More than 1 Million PlayStation 4Sony Corp should call for a victory party after the successful release of its new video gaming console last Friday (November 15). The company has just revealed that it sold over a million consoles of PlayStation 4 (PS4) just within the first day of launch of the new product. That could be more than enough to assert that the product launch was a real success.

According to various reports, numerous videogame fans actually lined up outside retailers’ shops just to purchase the first units of the console on Friday. Unfortunately, not all people who got into long queues were able to buy PS4. Many went home empty handed because there was a shortage in supplies of the new videogame console.

Retailers like GameStop admitted that they went short of inventory for PS4. and Best Buy also announced that their initial supplies of the new product had been sold out. Thus, many of those who lined up but failed to purchase PS4 ventilated their sentiments and disappointments online through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Initial sales

Right now, the company could not tell if short supplies would continue or if it would, for how long should fans wait. Interestingly, Sony released a statement on November 11 that it had already met manufacturing goals for PS4 a few weeks prior to the November 15 release date. It even asserted that the console was much easier and faster to manufacture than its predecessor, PS3.

PS4 was released simultaneously across North America and in 31 other countries around the world. However, it clarified that the more than 1 million units it sold on Friday were only in North America. It would yet to account for the first day sales in other countries.

Sony plans to release PS4 in Australia, Europe, and Latin America on November 29. It is somehow odd that the company intends to release the console in Japan, its home market, on February 22, 2014.

Too early to tell

This early, Sony has already projected that it could sell up to 5 million units of PS4 worldwide by March next year. With the rate it is going, some analysts think it would be easy for the company to achieve and even exceed that sales figure.

However, other analysts were somehow skeptic. They warned that strong demand on first few days after release may not indicate success. They noted that Wii U of Nintendo Co also sold out units on its first few days after launch. However, demand for that product suddenly dropped after several days and Nintendo eventually admitted that overall sales for Wii U were dismal.

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