Sony announces Smart EyeGlass, the Google glass rival

Sony announces Smart EyeGlass, the Google glass rivalWearables are a big hit among consumers these days and hence, more and more companies are getting into this industry offering the best performance in the smallest of devices. We have already seen a number of wearables in the market from notable tech giants like Google, Samsung and LG. Now, we have one more addition to the industry and it’s from the Japanese tech giant, Sony.

Sony recently revealed its first smart glasses called the Sony Smart EyeGlass. While the device may look like any other smart eye wear already available in the market (like the Google Glass), the technology used in the device is much different than other competitors.

Sony’s SmartEyeGlass uses a transparent display, which means you can see pretty much everything in front of you. The company uses hologram optics to display relevant information directly on the glass up front. This means, you get an augmented reality kind of experience on the device, which takes user experience to the next level. Imagine using applications like navigation apps on this smart glass; it would be fun for sure.

However, we still don’t know how good the experience is on the device. The transparent display can be a big distraction if not used in a proper environment. For example, if you wear this while driving and something pops up in front of you, surely it will turn out to be a hazard. But end of the day, every gadget can be a big distraction, so we don’t want to go into that area.


Although the transparent display can be called somewhat advanced and cool as compared to other wearables which rely on mirrors and small projectors, the overall design of the device failed to impress us. The frame is bulky and you have a wire that connects to the controller. Smart Eyeglass does connect to your smartphone wirelessly, but your speakers, mic and touch sensors are all in the separate controller which unfortunately is not wirelessly connected.

The device comes with a number of sensors like ambient light sensor, gyroscope, electronic compass and an accelerometer. You also get a 3MP camera up front along with connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Sony is planning to release a number of applications for navigation, education and even facial recognition on the device, most of which will take advantage of the augmented reality display up front.

The company has already made the SmartGlass SDK available to developers to try out the device’s interface using emulators and tutorials. However, the hardware kits will only start shipping from March 2015.

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