Sony Announces Limits for PS4 Pre-orders

Sony Announces Limits for PS4 Pre-ordersSony has set a final date for Pre-orders of the PS4 next-generation console for August 5th, 2013.

The announcement of Sony’s next generation console the PS4 was met with world wide excitement and is now the most anticipated system for release in Sony history. The combination of positive feedback from the gaming society and new technology luring in new players, the company now faces an overwhelming demand for the system set to release in winter season this year.

In response to the record-breaking pre-order sales flooding stores and online sellers, Sony will no longer be accepting anymore requests after August 5th, 2013. Companies selling the upcoming console were informed when pre-ordering began of the possibility there would be a need for a cut off or limitation on pre-order sales. Even with planning in advance for a limitation Sony reports unexpected and outrageous amounts of presales forcing them to close the doors on ticket orders.

While the pre-order deadline is set to be strictly enforces in such countries as Europe and the United Kingdom, a difference may be found for United States and Japan depending on the demand arising for each country. Many retail companies have already released statements that there will be a limited amount of consoles available in stores on release day for those that missed the deadline to have an opportunity for purchase.

Sony spokespersons have remained silent on the issue as the public anxiously awaits a final decision to be announced. Meanwhile analysts have begun posting warning announcements concerning the supplies of both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One next-generation consoles hitting stores in a few months. Several analysts have comment that it is mostly likely consumers will find a system shortage on release date.

Playstation American Chief Jack Tretton addressed the issue confirming that taking into consideration pricing of this new technology there will be more consumers interested in this next-generation console than Sony will be able to manufacture. Critics believe this is a sales tactic developed by Sony Company to create hype for its newest product but there is no confirmation to this statement.

While Sony still plans to limit console pre-sales consumers are openly pleading for an extension, unable to come up the initial order payment by the August 5th deadline. As with any product economics, as demand for this console increases the supply is steadily decreasing. There has been no response yet from Sony in reaction to consumers’ requests to extend the deadline.

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