Social Gaming Title Doki-Doki Universe Releasing for PlayStation Systems

Doki-Doki Universe Releasing for Playstation SystemsDoki-Doki Universe by HumaNature is set to release for several PlayStation consoles and offers users a fresh, fun social gaming experience.

The creator of quirky title Toejam & Earl Greg Johnson worked with HumaNature designers to create the newest title Doki-Doki Universe which will release for PlayStation 3, Vita and upcoming PlayStation 4 gaming systems. The initial download will be offered free to users with limitations and offers up a whole new fresh outtake on social gaming.

Gamers find themselves as a robot that is facing destruction as new models have made them obsolete. If they can prove they have sense of humanity then aliens will allow the model to continue existence. Through exploration and activities, robot avatars with have an unending fun list of to-do items surrounded around social game play including:

  • Visit over 12 new worlds and meet 100 unique NPCs
  • Build a home and customize a living space unique to each player and even decorate your home planet
  • Visit the home planets of other players and check out their designs as well as personality reports
  • Take personality quizzes and receive reports from your home planet therapist
  • Assist other characters with mini tasks to prove your humanity such as running errands, solving problems and showing you’re caring
  • Send animated emails to other players right in the game. The animated email will automatically animate whatever the user types making for some fun and creative messaging opportunities

With many other mini-activities such as visiting asteroids for personality and love quizzes and riddles to solve there is no end to the social activities each gamer has to look forward to when the game releases. Designed in cute animation style graphics with a cartoon appeal this title will offer fun to gamers of all ages.

The initial download for all systems will be free, offering players a limited number of activities and planets to choose from. The free download will include the Doki-Doki email and messaging application in which they will be able to communicate with other players regardless of the gaming platform being used. Users will also have an opportunity to purchase and download the full version of the game opening up a large Universe of new planets and areas to explore.

Much of the game play and design is being kept for users to discover as they play which designers hope will add even more discovery to this unique title.

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