Social App for Gay Guys ‘Grindr’ Gets a Major Update

Social App for Gay Guys ‘Grindr’ Gets a Major UpdateGay men who are into location-based hookups and social networks could now find the special mobile app for them more useful. Grindr, a special app for homosexual men, has just rolled out a major update, the biggest in its own history. The aim is to ramp up and improve users’ experience.

In a statement, the app’s founder, Joel Simkhai, said he has realized that the five-year-old mobile social network for gay guys needs a revamp. The update is focused on bolstering the app’s speed. He has assured the users that this next-generation version of Grindr is much faster and more organized to make it more useful and reliable as an effective tool for hooking up with other gay men.

Lots of changes

Grindr has introduced a lot of changes, which are aimed not to alienate its users but to empower them further. Aside from the major improvement in its interface and design, it has introduced ‘Tribes,’ which would make it more organized due to introduction of different tribes to represent members’ self descriptions. Its gay users could now choose to join various tribes, which include Daddy, Bear, Geek, Discreet, Trans, Twink, Clean-cut, and Leather, among others.

The presence of Tribes would make it easier for users to find interesting people who are categorized more than just ‘gay.’ Members may finally find it easier and faster to find people they are actually looking for.

Aside from tribes, Grindr has also included filters in searches. Now, its users could find other gay men who are of specific ranges of age, weight, height, and ethnicity. Moreover, the Grindr population could post more information in their own personal profiles. The updated version is initially available to users of iOS devices (iOS 6 and iOS 7). Grindr for Android would adopt the update soon.

Rising popularity of Grindr

Not surprisingly, Grindr currently has more than 7 million users across the globe. That is up from about 4 million users in June last year. The app facilitates more than a billion chat messages every month and another billion photos shared every two months through the network.

Through its Grindr Xtra subscription model, the app is able to generate much of its revenues. In fact, that service accounts for up to 75% of its regular income, the other 25% from its paid advertisements. In the last five years, it has been a regular fixture in the list of top 15 most lucrative apps. That is an interesting achievement because most other apps in that list are game apps. Grindr is the highest grossing social networking app on mobile today.

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