Smaller Samsung smartwatch spotted at FCC

Smaller Samsung smartwatch spotted at FCCSamsung is already the leading manufacturer of smartwatches with its Gear and Gear 2 watches doing well in the market. But Samsung is not just content with two wearable releases this year as a recent FCC filing shows that the company is working on yet another smartwatch, which will probably be the cheaper version of its existing Gear smartwatches.

FCC has leaked many devices in the past and this time too, an FCC filing from the company reveals this smaller device. According to the filing, the device with the model number SM-R382 will be slightly smaller than the existing gear smartwatches. The naming scheme of the device too is similar to the Gear lineup, so it’s quite likely that the upcoming smartwatch would be a part of the Gear smartwatch lineup from the company.

This smartwatch could be an additional device in the lineup, extending the number of choices for the customers. So, it could run on Samsung’s open source Tizen operating system. But some believe that this smartwatch could be the first Android Wear device from the South Korean giant.

Samsung was listed as one of the top partners in Android Wear and it’s quite possible that the upcoming handset would run this OS which is tailor made for wearable devices. Also, given that this device is smaller than its siblings, it could come with basic hardware like LG’s G watch. A recent leak showed that the G watch came with decent specifications and had nothing great when it came to features. While this was a bit disappointing, the same source claimed that the device would be cheaper than existing wearables, so Samsung could be using a similar strategy with this upcoming device.

Also, the size difference is not very great. The source reveals that the smartwatch would measure 1.45 x 1.8 inches which is slightly smaller than 1.4 x 2.2 inch Gear 2 smartwatch.

Samsung has already filed a trademark for the name Galaxy Wear around a month back, which also hints at the possibility of an Android Wear running handset in the near future. However, the registration is currently halted according to the source, so at this moment it’s not quite clear whether the device would run Android Wear.

Anyways, Samsung is sure to release the device pretty soon and it’s quite likely that this smartwatch will debut at the Note 4 unveiling event which will be held around September.

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