Microsoft scrambles to get Skype online again

The Microsoft Skype on a laptop.

Skype, the telecommunications app from Microsoft, has been experiencing widespread troubles since 9.15 am GMT. The users of Skype were not able to change their status and the all the contacts were displayed as being offline even if they were signed in. users were unable to call each other through the app as well.

The Microsoft Skype on a laptop.

The update from Microsoft in its Heartbeat site states that engineers have identified the glitch in coding which led to the worldwide outage and are currently fixing it so that the site can go online again. The report also mentions that Business Users of Skype were not affected and full service would be restored soon.

Many users worldwide also complained that they were unable to sign into the app and messages to groups were not being delivered too. Skype currently has about 600 million registered users worldwide, with 300 million active each month.

As the melt down of the free voice and video calling app agitated many and complaints poured into social media. The competitors of Skype, TeamSpeak and Room, took a great advantage of this golden opportunity to advertise on their own similar apps.

Microsoft has also informed users that any changes in their profile details and credit balances might experience a few delays before showing up.

Skype, bought by Microsoft in 2011, is not the only company to make headlines for the reason – last week; Twitter was caught in a similar situation. The desktop client of Twitter went blank for nearly an hour. Amazon web services was another company last week that experienced internet issues. Amazon users were the worst affected with important entertainment services like Medium, Buffer, Viber and NetFlix stopped working. Both the issues caused nightmares for many users around the world and have been fixed now and are available.

Photosource: Skype

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