Simple Ways to Download Apple Inc’s New Mobile Operating System iOS 7

Simple Ways to Download Apple Inc’s New Mobile Operating System iOS 7By now, the much awaited iOS 7 would have been released. During last week’s Apple Inc event, the technology firm announced a September 18 release date for the updated mobile operating system. The experts have come up with simple guide for users who aim to download the new OS without any hassle. The process would not encounter any setback if it is correctly performed.

Before anything else, a user has to check his Apple device. It has to be compatible with the new OS. iOS 7 could be downloaded on iPhone 4 and its succeeding iPhone versions. It would also be compatible with iPad 2, Retina display iPads, and even the fifth-generation iPod touch. It would be pre-installed on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which would be available starting September 20.

Timing for download

Apple device users are still given the choice whether to download iOS 7 or not. Users could also delay any decision to download if they think they would still not be ready to adopt the new OS. Moreover, Apple’s servers would also be possibly overcrowded during the first few hours or days after its release, making the download process slower in most users.

For those who dislike plugging the device into another system, wireless downloading or over the air process could be preferred. This is more possible for users with reliable Wi-Fi connection. Simply proceed to Settings and go to General. Then, choose Software Update and it would automatically perform the download.

Using iTunes

For installing iOS 7 through iTunes, a user has to first check if the platform is running the most recent version. It should be 11.0.5. How do you check this? Simply launch your iTunes, then go to Help and Check for Updates. From there, it is possible to install updates and restart the program.

With the latest iTunes version, it is also easy to back up any iOS device, which is recommended before downloading iOS 7. From the iTunes, simply back up your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. As an alternative, backing up could be performed through iCloud. To do so, just proceed to Settings, then go to iCloud, and choose Storage & Backup. From there, turn on the switch to initiate iCloud Backup.

Lastly, be patient when downloading iOS 7 for the first time. As much as possible, make sure the downloading process is not interrupted. If there are interruptions, just be more patient to proceed or to retry. Be mindful especially when the device needs to be shut down for a reboot. Required action would be flashed on screen so monitor the process every now and then.

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