Shazam may come inbuilt in iOS 8

Shazam may come inbuilt in iOS 8Apple and Shazam are reportedly working with each other to integrate a song discovery feature in the upcoming iOS version. The report comes directly from Bloomberg; hence it’s quite likely that this news is true.

According to Bloomberg, sources who have knowledge of this collaboration say that iOS 8 would come with a song discovery feature which will allow users to find a song with its tune along with the name of the artist. Although this feature was already available for smartphones which run the Shazam app, the integration of this feature directly into the operating system would save the user trouble of downloading the third party app. So, the next time they listen to some song which they don’t know, they can unlock their smartphone and can identify the song right away.

Shazam, which boasts of more than 90 million users every month has been responsible for millions of legal song downloads worldwide. Its integration on iOS would further expose the service to a few more million users
which will help it grow quite fast.

Apple could link the song identified directly with its iTunes store. While iTunes is still the largest digital music seller worldwide, last year its music sales fell for the first time since launch. This was mainly due to the rise in competitors like Spotify and Pandora which allows the user to stream music for a monthly subscription. So, the iOS users who identify a song with this feature will most likely buy them from Apple’s iTunes store itself which may help the company maintain the current level of growth.

Further, Apple would most likely integrate this song discovery feature with Siri. Apple’s personal assistant is known for helping out the user with most of the tasks and adding a feature like this to Siri will be the logical thing to do. So, users could simply ask Siri question like, “what is this song?” to identify it. However, the source does not reveal whether Siri will come with this feature or whether it will come as a separate option.

While the news is still not official, sources say that more details will be revealed in the upcoming Apple developer’s conference. Given that the conference starts in a few weeks, i.e. June 2, fans won’t have to wait too long to get more details about this integration.

As usual, both Apple and Shazam spokespersons declined to comment on the matter.

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