Sennheiser joins Project Ara Team to develop modular smartphones

Sennheiser joins Project Ara Team to develop modular smartphonesProject Ara is probably one of the most interesting projects that are under development in the smartphone industry. Google along with Phonebloks have already developed a prototype device and even showcased its potential a few weeks earlier. But end of the day, the success of a modular smartphone depends on its partnership with leading tech companies and in this regard, Phonebloks had released a video a week earlier calling all tech giants to lend their expertise for the project.

Listening to their call, Sennheiser has reportedly decided to partner with Phonebloks for the project and the company will be sharing its expertise with the team to improve the modular smartphone that’s under development.

The video which called for more partners for the project said that an ecosystem of swappable modules was one of the most important aspects which will decide the success of the project. Google’s Ara Developer’s Conference already showcased that there’s demand for modular phones in the market and the company has even developed a kit which will help developers built their own modules. The MDKs provides reference implementations for various design features and therefore acts a platform to build these modules.

Phonebloks had earlier said that the team was in talks with Sennheiser, the famous audio equipment maker. But today, the company has finally made the partnership official via its official blog.

Sennheiser will bring its expertise in audio technology to the project and will help to improve areas where speech and audio transmissions are concerned.

Sennheiser has the necessary technical excellence and also shares a corporate philosophy that places equal emphasis on sustainability. Its products are distinguished by first-class quality, durability and they also provide options for replacing individual components. This sustainability ethos is an essential part of our company vision, said Dave Hakkens, the founder of Phonebloks.

In the blog post, Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser Electronic says that innovation was always a part of the company’s value system and he found the idea of modular smartphones compelling.

He further adds, “This initiative clearly matches our own understanding of sustainable, forward-looking investments.”

While the technical know-how would definitely help the Project Ara team, consumers would actually benefit from this partnership when Sennheiser develops some audio modules for the smartphone. This could really bring out the true potential of the device and music lovers could anytime swap the existing audio module with a Sennheiser branded one.

The possibilities are endless and as more tech companies join hands with Phoneblocks, modular smartphones could really revolutionize the smartphone industry.

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