Seattle’s LGBT Community Keeps Relevant Talks On Politics, Race Open Because Of Trump

After Donald Trump rescinded on the bathroom rules for transgender students, the LGBT community has been uneasy as of late. The community have always faced troubles, but having a proper rule removed has made current times scarier for members. Seattle Pride board Vice President David Hale is hoping to change that with the upcoming Pride, with a new indivisible theme.

Hale stated that the indivisible theme would be used to try and create a more unified community, given the current political climate. It will also try and show how marginalized communities need to play a big role in this year’s major events. Aside from the usual Pride March, we will also see a number of activities that will raise awareness for these communities.

“Let’s Get It All Out” – David Hale

Hale has stated that these Pride activities will be done to address any concerns with the LGBT community. “Let’s get it all out,” he said “Let’s say what these concerns are and that this is not the direction we want the country to go in.” The Vice President also went on to say that the history of Pride Month has always been cheerful, but the current political climate has lessened that.

To counter this, Hale is planning an event called Real Talk: LGBT Conversations for Change, which will be held Thursday evening at the Frye Art Museum according to The Seattle Times. Through this event, Hale is hoping to open more conversations regarding what people may or may not know about the LGBT community. A fishbowl event has also been planned, which will divide members into different sides of the LGBT spectrum – white LGBT, colored LGBT etc – and have them discuss their life experiences.

“If we don’t center the conversation around race, it won’t naturally happen here,” Hale said. “I just want to open people’s eyes,” said David Sotomayor, who competed in Ru Paul’s Drag Race and will help facilitate the event. “Because just feeling good in your skin is so important.

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