Season Five of Breaking Bad Winding down One Televisions Most Watched Dramas

Season Five of Breaking BadThe second half of Season Five for Breaking Bad is scheduled out August 11th, winding down one of Televisions most addictive Crime Dramas.

Fans of Breaking Bad have followed the life of Walter White, played by actor Bryan Cranston for going on five drama-filled; on the edge of your seat seasons. Viewers watched as White fell from the world of a decent hard working man into the life of a cold-blooded world filled with drugs, violence and pure driven desire for money.

The series first aired January 20th, 2008 with a heart-wrenching story that is true to life and happens everywhere around America daily. A chemistry teacher and hard-working father, White is diagnosed with incurable lung cancer early on in season One and turns to a life of crime with the initial goal of preserving a financial future for his family. He teams up with Jesse Pinkman played by actor Aaron Paul, a brilliant former student to create methamphetamine.

Through out the following seasons, viewers watch as the desperate family man evolves into a cold blooded and ruthless drug king pin, distorting his initial goals and putting his own short life in jeopardy many times. The show screams out a message to those tuning in about the corruption of drugs and money, even if the venture began with truly sincere intentions.

Each season has forced viewers to further question morality and their views of what’s really right and wrong in society. The series airs on AMC and is produced by Sony Pictures Television and season five marks the finale of this popular series with what is rumored to be a dramatic and compelling end to the world of Walter White.

Previous seasons have seen the show win seven Primetime Emmys, and three Awards for best actor award to lead start Bryan Cranston for his portrayal of his complicated and deep character. The ABC series has also been nominated four times for Outstanding Drama Series and the Golden Globe Award on three occasions for season past thus far. Current Breaking Bad is listed as the 13th in the 101 Best-written TV series of all times.

Producers aren’t revealing too much about the final season or its finale, leaving fans eagerly counting down to the August kick off. Even trailers produced are careful to keep most of the conclusion under wraps, showing fans only that they can expect to question their own morality even further with unforgettable episodes, leading up the million dollar question; what will come of Walter White?

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