Scientists Discover New Species of Glass Frog in Costa Rica

Glass Frog

Scientists have discovered a new species of glass frog in Costa Rica.

The newly-discovered glass frog looks just like the Muppets character Kermit. It was found in the Caribbean slopes of Costa Rica by the researchers Brian Kubicki, Stanley Salazar, and Robert Puschendorf.

The frog was named Hyalinobatrachium dianae in honor of the senior researcher’s mother, Janet Diane Kubicki. According to the scientists, this new species of glass frog is distinguished from other glass frogs due to its unique combination of morphological characteristics, advertisement call, and genetic distance.

The researchers collected six specimens at three different sites along the Caribbean slopes of Costa Rica between 400 to 900 meters above sea level. With the addition of this new species, Costa Rica is known to have 14 glass frogs inhabiting its tiny national territory. The last time a new glass frog was discovered in Costa Rica was 1973.

Scientists discovered nearly 1,500 new marine species in 2014, including a humpbacked dolphin and a giant jellyfish. According to scientists, we have yet to find most species that live in oceans. They reported a total of 228,450 marine species worldwide. It is estimated that between 500,000 and 2 million more multi-celled marine creatures are still unknown.

Last year, 1,451 new marine species were identified. Those include the Australian humpback dolphin, 139 sponges, a South African “stargazing shrimp,” and a giant tentacle-free box jellyfish that is about 50cm (20 inches) long that was found off Australia. Among the new discovered species are about 1,000 new types of fish, including a combined total of 122 sharks and rays, and a new barracuda in the Mediterranean Sea. Currently, there are about 18,000 known species of fish.

Researchers believe that 360 more years are needed to identify every creature in the oceans.

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