Say Good-bye To Cable; Amazon Is Launching Live TV Service

Amazon is to Next Launch its own Live TV Service. Photosource: Amazon

After winning big at the Emmys and even at the Golden Globes with their original shows, Amazon is looking beyond producing content and may soon be launching its own online tv service. The live TV service aims to broadcast content live and may prove to be a tough competitor for cable networks.

Amazon is to Next Launch its own Live TV Service. Photosource: Amazon

Amazon is to Next Launch its own Live TV Service. Photosource: Amazon

Sources suggest that Amazon has been in talks with the major programmers like NBC and CBS, and is also weighing how much the licenses for the content would cost. With Amazon diving into the economy of the TV service market, one may deduce that Amazon coming out with their own live streaming service is not very far off.

“Linear TV has been on an amazing 50-year run. Internet TV is starting to grow. Clearly over the next 20 years Internet TV is going to replace linear TV. And so I think everyone is scrambling to figure out how do they do great apps, how do they [do] things like “Noggin” which are fantastic. That will just keep getting built up and so it’s a transition into figuring out the Internet,” says NetFlix CEO, describing the future of the televise industry.

As of late, the industry as a whole has been moving slowly towards such measures. Dish’s Sling TV introduced a $20 per month service recently. Sony jumped onto the bandwagon with its PlayStation Vue, including channels from NBC and CBS.

Apple was rumored to release its live TV service this fall, but the plan was reportedly delayed due to difficulties. The cable deliverer, Comcast, itself, has sketched plans to announce an internet TV service soon.

Amazon has also mentioned plans to buy Elemental Technologies, a firm transcoding and encoding high speed videos. The purchase would give Amazon a platform for transmitting its Live TV service. It is too early to say when the service will launch, but it is the next logical area for Amazon to step into.

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