Sasha Obama Did Not Attend Her Father’s Speech, The Reason Is Inspiring

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/HuffingtonPost | Where was Sasha Obama? The theories, though interesting, actually pale in comparison to the truth. Photo Credits: Twitter/HuffingtonPost

Outgoing US President Barack Obama left millions of his countrymen nostalgic with his last public speech as POTUS. But as he began his speech, many quickly noticed that his other daughter Sasha was nowhere in sight. Michelle Obama and Malia Obama, however, looked regal in the audience.

But, naturally, many took to social media and hypothesize about Sasha’s obvious absence. The Twitter hastag #whereissasha trended right away. Some outlandish theories about Sasha’s whereabouts included an elite anti-terrorism mission and a frantic search for Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Sasha Obama Busy With School

But, of course, administration officials could not let the wild theories go on forever. One of them eventually cracked and informed the public that Sasha, unfortunately for conspiracy theorists, was actually in Washington DC during the speech. The reason? She had to study for an exam, News 18 reported.

Sasha, 15, is a current sophomore at the prestigious private school Sidwell Friends in Washinton DC. She could not attend the her father’s address at McCormick Place in Chicago as her exam was due for the next morning. Once these details leaked out, social media users had nothing but praise for the youngest Obama daughter.

During President Obama’s speech, he gave his two daughters, as well as his wife, very special mentions. First, he gestured to Malia, 18-years old and his eldest daughter, then mentioned Sasha. He said that, despite “the strangest of circumstance,” the two have grown to become “two amazing young women.”

President Obama also praised his daughters. He called them smart and beautiful, but what makes them shine the most are that they are both kind, thoughtful and most of all, “full of passion.” Perhaps his biggest praise, however, was that he said he is most proud to be their father. “Of all that I have done in my life, I am most proud to be your dad,” Obama said.

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