SanDisk Unveils Two Portable Wi-Fi Ready Flash Drives

SanDisk Unveils Two Portable Wi-Fi Ready Flash DrivesSanDisk has just introduced two new portable multimedia Wi-Fi dives that are flash-based. Those are called the ‘Connect Wireless Flash Drive’ and the ‘Connect Wireless Media Drive.’ The memory manufacturer’s new products are the first storage devices that are Wi-Fi enabled.

Logically, both devices are battery-powered and are super compact. Those serve as a combination of portable storages that are useful for mobile multimedia, data sharing, and wireless multimedia streaming via online connection. The devices offer all basic features that could be found in similar flash drives.

The two Connect drives feature USB 2.0. Thus, users could expect some waiting time when copying very large volumes of data, which is just normal. Online pass-through is enabled to facilitate Web surfing while being simultaneously connected to the internal storage. Not to be missed are Android and iOS apps.

Connect Wireless Flash Drive

This smaller device looks and functions just like any regular thumb drive. Internal storage is not present but there is a microSD slot, logically for a microSD card, which in turn could provide the expandable internal storage. This flash drive could be used for copying content directly to and from a PC. The battery automatically charges when plugged, which when full could last up to four hours of usage.

Of course, Connect Wireless Flash directly plugs into a USB 2.0 port. Suggested retail price is at $50 for the 16GB version and $60 for its 32GB model. It is the smallest Wi-Fi storage drive but it can possibly support up to three Wi-Fi users simultaneously.

Connect Wireless Media Drive

The larger of the two new devices takes the typical shape of a rounded-corner square. The unit has a dimension of 0.5 inch thickness and 2.5 inches in width. The slick device is to be sold at $80 for its 32GB version and $100 for its 64GB model. It also comes with standard microSD card slot for expandable storage.

The more powerful drive of the two, Connect Wireless Media Drive could support up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously. The battery charges automatically when plugged. When fully charged, its battery life could last up to eight hours.

SanDisk announced that both drives would be available in the market beginning August. However, for consumers who could not wait, the new products could already be preordered. The company is confident that the device’s form factor, portability, and reasonable price tags would impress consumers.

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