SanDisk Invests in Pebbles Interfaces

SanDisk Invests in Pebbles InterfacesSanDisk Corporation, which is considered a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, has announced that its strategic investment arm, SanDisk Ventures, has made an investment in Pebbles Interfaces, which is based in Israel. Pebbles develops software and hardware which is designed to provide simple, yet intuitive 3D gesture interaction along with computing, communications and consumer electronics devices.

According to a press release from SanDisk, “This investment extends SanDisk’s involvement in an industry that potentially provides a look into the future of human-machine interaction. In the same way that using touch as an interface enabled the creation of tablet computing and a whole new generation of smartphones, gesture-based interfaces hold great promise for revolutionizing the user experience.”

According to Sumit Sadana, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of SanDisk, explained that the technology being developed by Pebbles Interfaces has the potential to become a key element in how people interact with their digital devices in the future.

“We believe that human gestures and human interaction have the potential to unleash exciting new applications and new product categories, which in turn, will drive increased demand for flash memory solutions.”

Pebbles extends human gestures into the digital world by providing high-resolution 3D gesture control at a minimal cost, computing power and latency. The company’s technology enables smartphones, wearable computing devices, smart TVs and other gear to be controlled by human gestures. As a result, SanDisk and Pebbles believe the technology may drive new use cases and applications that will consume more flash memory-based storage.

“We are extremely happy to have SanDisk as an investor – bringing us their vast knowledge of OEM markets, next generation devices and intellectual property strategies,” said Pebbles Interfaces CEO Emil Alon.

“In line with our vision to naturally interact with everything, our gesture technology enables smartphones, computers, smart TVs and other devices to be controlled by natural and intuitive human gestures. We believe our technology will revolutionize the way people interface with devices,” he added.

SanDisk launched SanDisk Ventures in 2012 with the goal of investing $75 million over a three-year period in select companies with promising technologies that extend the value proposition of flash memory in targeted applications. By collaborating with SanDisk, companies like Pebbles gain access to SanDisk’s broad product portfolio and world-class technical expertise, as well as expanded customer and channel opportunities.

SanDisk is a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, from research and development, product design and manufacturing to branding and distribution for commercial and retail channels.

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