San Antonio Mall Shooting: Good Samaritan Dies Stopping A Robbery

PHOTOGRAPH: | Resized image of good Samaritan Jonathan Murphy, who was killed when he tried to stop a robbery. Imag taken from

Good Samaritan and a shopper named Jonathan Murphy lost his life attempting to stop a robbery at Kay Jewelers in Rolling Oaks Mall. The 42-year-old was in the store along with his wife on a rare break, when two men tried to rob it. One of them took a fatal shot at Murphy, who tried to stop them from fleeing. An onlooker with a license to carry a concealed handgun then shot and wounded one of the robbers. The one who escaped shot as he ran from the mall injuring other shoppers in the San Antonio mall shooting incident.

The shooting took place on Sunday, half an hour after 3 pm. Police now have apprehended the robbers. They haven’t released the name of the one wounded by a bystander. San Antonio police describe him as a Latino man. Police found him near Murphy’s body at the crime scene. They have admitted him to a local hospital. An article in Washington Post states that police nabbed the other robber in a San Antonio suburb called Converse. The Converse police department nabbed him and alerted San Antonio police after he crashed a stolen car.

San Antonio police have released information about the second suspect and robber. According to police information, he is Jason Matthew Prieto, 34 years of age. The police have slapped him with one charge of capital murder and two charges of aggravated robbery. His bond is set at $1.7 million.

Jonathan Murphy: A First Rate Protector

An article in CNN informs that Chris Cercone, Murphy’s step daughter’s boyfriend described him as a first-rate protector.” According to Cercone, Murphy worked hard and selflessly for his family. Cercone has now set a GoFundMe page for the family to manage the bills and costs associated with Murphy’s funeral. The page had already raised $33,783 at the time of the post, just $16,000 short of the $50,000 goal. According to Cercone, the page received phenomenal response. He also received a message from a woman, whose daughter saw Murphy fall down, states an article in People.

The woman told Cercone in the message that she felt that Murphy kept her daughter safe. Murphy’s wife, Aimee, too took to Facebook to express her grief. In a post, she said that she knew that her husband was trying to protect her and other shoppers in the mall.
San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told reporters that Murphy’s death was a second mall death incident in San Antonio. Another good Samaritan had lost his life in November while trying to stop a crime, which according to McManus was “absolutely senseless.”

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