Samsung’s three sided display enters production

Samsung's three sided display enters productionThree sided displays have been in the news for the past few months, but we haven’t really seen a final product in the market yet. That might just change in the coming months, as few suppliers are reporting that Samsung has started production of this unique display.

The supply chain sources of ZDNet Korea reports that the South Korean giant has just started manufacturing its three sided display. However, due to some constraints, the company will only be able to produce it in limited quantities. The display will reportedly use a plastic substrate which is difficult to work with. Hence, the production can only be done in limited numbers.

While we have heard some reports say that this display might end up on the upcoming Note 4 flagship, the chances are very slim. And even if Samsung plans to release a three sided Note 4 phablet, it would most likely be available only in limited quantities.

There’s also a big risk experimenting with this unique display, which consumers have never tried before. So, Samsung may try to release a three sided version of the device in small numbers to check the reaction of the consumers. The company has already tried out this strategy before, with its Galaxy Round curved smartphone which was both expensive and limited in quantity, so it could do the same with the upcoming flagship too.

This also means that consumers who would like a traditional display can go for a regular variant of the device. So, it’s a win-win situation for both the consumers as well as the company, if we get to see a special Youm Display edition of the Note 4.

Three sided display has its own set of advantages. Firstly, you can have notifications and most used apps on the sides without having to turn on the display all the time. Secondly, as Youm display is an OLED panel, it can light up individual pixels at a time, so these notifications on the side would not drain a lot of battery. And finally, given that you have the display stretched onto the sides too, the buttons would be pushed a little to the back side, which could make the process of using them much easier.

Unfortunately, we are not yet sure whether Samsung would release a limited edition three sided display version of Note 4 at the September 3rd event. But, even if the company doesn’t announce a device with the display in September, you can expect a similar version sometime later this year or at least by 2015.

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