Samsung working on Galaxy Gear Glass, the Google Glass competitor

Samsung working on Galaxy Gear Glass, the Google Glass competitorAlthough Google Glass was released two years ago, the device is still not available for purchase for fans in the country. But those who are not willing to wait till Google officially makes it available for everyone, we have some good news.

Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch a Google Glass competitor called as the Galaxy Gear Glass. It would run on the Samsung backed Tizen OS and is expected to debut at IFA to be held in Germany this year.

This is not the first time rumors of a Google Glass competitor from Samsung have surfaced online. Last year, the company had filed a patent in South Korea for a device which looked a lot like Glass. The filing said that the wearable smart glasses would come with integrated headphones to listen to music, make and receive phone calls etc.

The device leaked today could be the final version of this design, although the new design is quite different from the patented one. Looks like Samsung scrapped the headphones concept and instead replaced it with an earpiece. The same earpiece would also act as a frame to the smart glasses with a display sitting right in front of the user’s eye.

Unlike Glass, which is an independent device, Galaxy Gear Glass could be just be an accessory for the smartphone and may rely upon the phone for receiving notifications and staying connected. This can be a possibility as it allows Samsung to reduce the amount of tech that has to be fitted onto the device for functioning and can keep it compact, light and cheap.

According to the source, Galaxy Gear Glass would run Tizen, the same OS which powers the recently released Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. The device will release alongside Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at the IFA event in Germany.

Unfortunately, no other information is available on the device. So, questions like how much will it cost, what all features would it come with are still left unanswered. But the expected release date isn’t that far off and during this time, it’s quite likely that more information of the device will be leaked online.

It would be interesting to see whether this affects the launch schedule of Google Glass. The company has not yet made the device available for the masses, and it carries a hefty price tag too.

With the entry of a new competitor, things might get exciting in the coming few months.

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