Samsung working on a 13.3-inch Galaxy tablet

Samsung working on a 13.3-inch Galaxy tabletSamsung is reportedly preparing to launch its largest tablet yet, the 13.3 inch device code named ‘Warhol’ which will probably succeed the existing Galaxy tablet lineup.

It’s a common trend for manufacturers to increase the size of their tablets and smartphones every year and Samsung has released plenty of such large screen devices in the market. The company has a special phablet range (apart from the Galaxy Note series) called as the Galaxy Mega series in which normal smartphones measure around 6 inches or more.

The company has some large screen tablets too, like the Galaxy TabPro and the Galaxy NotePro which Samsung claims are ideal for business use. The upcoming 13.3 inch device too could be an addition to this Pro range of tablets and will most likely be focused on providing business centric features.

The website which leaked this information further adds that two other tablets (but with smaller form factor) are also in the works that will release alongside this large device, one with a 10.5 inch screen while the other with a 8.4 inch screen. So, once all of these rumored tablets are released in the market, users can make a smart choice, on the basis of their needs and requirements.

Earlier rumors suggested that Samsung was going back to AMOLED for its tablet lineup and looks like the rumor could have been true as this particular website too hints at the same possibility. The 8.4 inch and 10.5 inch tablets, which are code named ‘Klimt’ and ‘Chagall’ respectively, are believed to sport AMOLED display, while the 13.3 inch device is expected to come with a LCD screen.

Surprisingly, all the three models will sport the same resolution, i.e. WQHD 2,560 x 1,600, which means that the larger devices won’t be as sharp as the 8.4 inch one. The 8.4 inch model will have a PPI rating of 359, while the 10.5 inch and the 13.3 inch models come with a PPI rating of 288 and 227 respectively. While it’s a common assumption that anything below 300 pixels per inch is not good, the actual quality of display will be known only after they have been released.

Unfortunately, no other details are available on these three devices but as the release date nears, expect more information via leaks and teasers.

It’s actually surprising to see Samsung working on a large 13.3 inch tablet as the Galaxy TabPro and the NotePro, which are the largest tablets in the Galaxy Tab series, are not selling so well in the market. So, it would be interesting to see how Samsung markets this large screen device.

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