Samsung VP To Be Questioned On Connivance In South Korea Political Scandal

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/China Xinhua News | Lee Jae-yong being questioned for bribery accusation. Photo Credit: Twitter/China Xinhua News

Samsung Vice President Lee Jae-Yong got entangled in a corruption scandal that involved the South Korean President Park Geun-Hye.  On Thursday, prosecutors were ready to question Lee about allegations of bribery.  He is also accused of committing perjury in a parliamentary hearing that occurred last month.

Lee Jae-Yong is the son and heir of the Samsung Group Chairman, Lee Kun-hee.  When he arrived at the special prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, he apologized to all the people.  Especially to those who showed their concern to him over what happened.  The journalists monitored his every move greeted him and his lawyer.  There were also plenty of protesters who hung around the venue.  They were waving banners that says, “arrest Lee immediately.”  Some even called him “co-culprit.”

Lee Jae-yong may be the key to President Park’s undoing

The scandal focused on President Park’s secret adviser, Choi Soon-sil.  According to reports, Choi used her own connection to Park to bully top firms.  Choi reportedly forced these firms  into donating millions of dollars to a couple of non-profit foundations.  Choi, then, used it as her own personal source of cash, reports Rappler.  She used it as her source to fund her lavish lifestyle.  It is even reported that Choi uses some of the money to finance her daughter’s equestrian dream in Germany.  

Samsung is its biggest contributor to the foundations.  The prosecutors asked Lee and his associates if they got coerced to give money.  They reportedly said “yes” but did not ask for anything in return.  Thus, it doesn’t come out as bribery, according to them.

South Korean lawmakers voted to impeach Park.  Despite of this, Park apologized on national television for the scandal.  The decision now lies with the Constitutional Court, according to Vox.  The prosecutors are still investigating the case.  

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